Running Django project on Apache production server with mod_wsgi


This is official tutorial. But it didn’t work for me for 100 %. But there is some useful information on wsgi and daemon process that should be created.

There is a good tutorial, that I followed and it actually works. But I decided to write my own post with instructions for my personal project:

First we enter the production server via SSL and create a virtual environment there:

Then we activate it:

Check the Django version. It must be the same as in your local server:

Save somewhere a path to a Django project:

Your path will be different.

This is an example of a sites-available/*.conf file setting to run Django with WSGI:
Снимок экрана 2014-09-19 в 20.25.49

Here app_server is the name of my Django project or you can name it a site. But in my case it is not site but server for a mobile application.

Python and Django version on server and virtual environment may be different. You should do everything inside virtual environments with the same versions on local and production servers.

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