How to build Libetpan for iOS

1. Install Autoconf, Aclocal, Libtool using these instructions. Install XCode Command Line Tools (in Download section of Organizer)
2. Run this in Terminal.
libetpan/build-mac $sh
3. Try to open Libetpan project for Mac OS X and iOS, select target for iOS and build for Simulator.
4. If any *.a file is not found, build and copy it from iOSPorts for instance. (I had problems with libetpan/build-mac/libsasl-ios/lib/libsasl2.a: No such file or directory)
5. Go here in Finder
6. Open something like
7. Copy this, it is your library for Intel 64bit based Simulator.
8. If this library works for you (for instance, in MailCore), create .a files for your device (another processor architecture).