Android Animation one after other

I wrote about a new approach to animate multiple objects in Android one after another. For example, 6 ImageButtons and 6 TextViews. I decided to duplicate this solution in my blog.

My approach to reach this goal can be useful when you need to animate a lot of views one after another. You can use setStartOffset method to set a delay before animation begins. So, if you know, how much time will take for your first animation to end, you can set this as a delay for your second animation. This is an example where I animated six ImageButtons and six TextViews below them one after another:

In my res/anim folder I have a file, called fade.xml with these contents:

Here is this post and two other approaches – using AnimationSet and using listeners.

Code for Two Essential Buttons for iOS: Write a Review and Send a Letter To Developers

Code for Two Essential Buttons: Write a Review and Send a Letter To Developers. These buttons are often required in a mobile application to collect a feedback from users and to allow them write a review to your app more quickly and comfortable. It also includes some system information. It is in Russian, but no problem to translate it.

Use this category to get a more precise device name:

And use this method in your helper class to create a user friendly network status string using Reachability class instance:


XCode 5 project doesn’t load – Solution

Suddenly, after I closed Xcode with two projects opened, it stopped to launch. When I started Xcode it was trying to load projects and failed with error. I couldn’t open any project.

After some search and some experiments I finally found a solution to this problem, that might look not very simple and lying on the surface. That is why I decided to post about it. May be this solution is not very good in case you don’t want to loose your unsaved code, but it works:

Go to your libraries folder and delete the contents of Autosave Information folder.

Here is how to do it:

1. Open Finder

2. Shift + Cmd  + G

3.~/Library/Autosave Information, delete it

4. It is also important to clean your trash bin!

Then try to launch Xcode.