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How to use a new model of CocoaPods PodSpec updates

Recently CocoaPods started to use web service to load new PodSpecs.

I will skip a moment, where you need to register your projects to yourself. Basicly, guys that manage CocoaPods have created a web service, that knows, which computer has permissions to which Pod.

But when you have done this, you have to know, how to publish new versions of your Pods. You have to create a tag and push it on a new version as before and use that tag in your pod spec file.

Then you should check your new updated pod spec.

Then you just push your pod spec to a web service. Now you do not have to create one more folder for a new PodSpec file, copy it to your Specs fork and create a pull request. Everything is much simpler!

Here it is important to tell a path to your pod spec file. I use here a dot since my pod spec file is located in the folder, where I am currently in Terminal.
For more information read a blog of CocoaPods project.

If you are asked to register a session first, do this:

In my case: